Chain Restaurants

Here's where we keep everything we know about US chain restaurants and their use of canola oil.

Read the descriptions of each restaurant, and judge its safeness by your particular level of sensitivity.



A & W restaurants : (2.11):

As far as we can tell, only the fries are NOT safe.

Albertson's: NOT safe.

Applebees : Julie has been trying to contact them, and she says: "I have contacted Applebee's and they were less than helpful. I would say rude. I will contact them more when I have more time." In the meantime our advice is to avoid Applebee's altogether.

Aramark: This company uses a canola blend, and delivers to all sorts of cafeterias and fast-food establishments. If you find yourself in a cafeteria or fast food place, ask who delivers their food, and if it's Aramark, avoid that place!

Arby's: (2.11):

Roast beef sandwiches: The roast beef sandwiches, roastburgers, and arby-q should be safe.

Chicken and chicken sandwiches: Should all be safe.

Market fresh sandwiches: Should all be safe.

Market fresh chopped salads: Should all be safe.

Toasted subs: the classic Italian, turkey bacon club, and the philly beef sub should all be safe.

Sides: the potato bites, jalapeno bites, and onion rings should be safe.

Shakes and desserts: Turnovers and shakes should be safe.

Breakfast: Should be safe.


Baja Fresh: Thank you to Alison for this:

"I received the following email in response to an inquiry about the veggie burrito to Baja Fresh:"

At the Baja Fresh Guest Response Line, we received your inquiry today regarding our cooking oil. Thank you for taking the time to send us your question.

We cook with canola oil and corn oil, neither of which is partially hydrogenated. Some of our menu items also contain soybean and cottonseed oil, neither of which is partially hydrogenated. Each oil used contains less than 0.5 grams trans fats per serving; however when combined together, or when combined with naturally occurring trans fats found in some proteins (i.e. cheese and steak), the total per menu item ends up containing over 0.5 grams trans fats, which we then report on our nutritional table.

We do use 100% cholesterol-free canola oil to fry our tortillas when making our Corn Tortilla Chips and Tostada Shells. With high cholesterol being such a widespread health problem in the United States, we feel that using a 100% cholesterol-free oil is a healthy choice for our customers. Please be assured that I have forwarded your comments regarding Canola Oil to our Operations Executives for review. We appreciate your feedback and are always interested in hearing suggestions from our customers.

Thanks so much for writing. We appreciate your interest and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you again soon!


Baja Fresh Guest Response Line

Barnhill's: This is not a safe restaurant.

Big Boy: Now, the one in Baker, on the way to Vegas, as of 7/07, doesn't use it as their main oil, and is good about double checking the other ingredients. This means that you can actually order French fries in a restaurant! The one in Burbank, however, as of 10/07, has no idea what oil they use, won't check for you, and, judging by how bad my husband felt for the next 48 hours, probably uses it as their main oil.

Blimpie: Things to avoid include their rye bread, marinara sauce, all of their potato chips, and all pastries/desserts except their chocolate chunk cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter cookies, white chocolate macadamia cookies, muffins, and apple strudel, which are all safe.

Bubba Gump's NOT safe.

Bugaboo Creek Steak House: NOT safe.

Burger King: (1.11): The things that should be safe are:

Chicken: The tendergrill chicken sandwich should be safe.

Salads: The tendergrill garden salad and the garden side salad should be safe .

Desserts: Hershey's sundae pie should be safe.

Breakfast: Breakfast ciabatta club sandwich, mini blueberry biscuits, any biscuit sandwich with ham or bacon, or any croissanwich with ham or bacon should be safe.

Burgerville: (2.11):

Burgers: The hot dog and the yukon white bean basil burger are NOT safe.

Sides: The fries and side salad are NOT safe.

Salads: NOT safe.

Other: Anything with any fried chicken or fish is NOT safe.

Breakfast: English muffins and hash browns are NOT safe.


California Pizza Kitchen: We know that they use canola in their cooking, and depending on the waiter, they can either be very helpful, or utterly useless.

Capitol City Brewing Co: NOT safe.

Carino's: Extremely helpful. Just be sure to resist the bread that they bring out until they have replaced it with a canola-free one.

Carl's Jr. / Hardee's : (2.11):

Breakfast: The sourdough breakfast sandwich, bacon egg burrito, sunrise croissant, and french toast dips should be safe.

Burgers: The low-carb six dollar buger should be safe.

Other: The chicken strips, wrappers, and chicken stars should be safe.

Sides: The fried zucchini and onion rings should be safe.

Desserts: All non-Oreo desserts should be safe.

Cheesecake Factory: (10.09) Can work around canola oil, but no promises that they will.

Chevy's: Thanks to Barbara for pointing out that it seems that Chevy's might be changing their ingredients in some areas, or it's possible that there's something in the fajitas that contains canola oil. Until we know for sure, you should probably ask about canola oil.

Chick-fil-A: (2.11):

Sandwiches: The wraps are NOT safe.

Sides: The waffle fries are NOT safe

Desserts: The cookies and cream milkshake is NOT safe.

Breakfast: The bagel is NOT safe, and the hash browns are NOT safe.

Chili's: Thank you to Michelle for sending this our way:

"In 2004, all Brinker International restaurants began using 100% soybean oil (trans fat free) in kitchen fryers. The oil is a proprietary formula developed specifically for our restaurants. Since implementing this change, we have continued to test and procure menu items containing no artificial trans fats.

Brinker International restaurants are committed to providing a range of choices on all of our menus that fit within healthy lifestyles, so we are investigating product innovations, which will allow the reduction or elimination of artificial trans fats from all menu items. Our Chefs are able to modify and customize menu items to meet our guests' dietary requirements and personal preferences.

We again thank you for your interest in our restaurants.
Joy Shepard
Guest Relations"

Now, for Chili's, we still recommend asking about ingredients. However, recently, Bryan ate here for the first time in a long time, forgot to even bother asking about ingredients, and came away from it feeling just fine, even after eating deep-fried foods and dipping them in unknown sauces. We think that Chili's might now be a little bit safer than some places.

Chipotle: (9.09): Samantha writes: "I've usually been fine there, so I wanted to forward along this recent exchange -they use soybean oil, at least at the store here. The location I listed in my correspondence with Chipotle is in Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, OH."

Clarion Hotels: Will very gladly accommodate you, but you have to tell them about your allergy every single time you order.

Cosi: Has canola in their bread.

Cub Foods: NOT safe.


D'Angelo Sandwiches: (6.09) Be sure to avoid the oil and vinegar! Other than that, foods that should be safe include:

Quesadillas: the vegetable quesadilla should be safe

Toasted subs: the tuna and swiss, pastrami reuben, spicy meatball, ham and turkey club, and the roast beef cheddar melt should all be safe.

Hot subs and pokkets: the veggie pokket, cheeseburger sub, meatball and cheese, blt and melted cheese, and the pastrami and swiss should all be safe.

Cold subs and pokkets: the turkey, chicken salad, roast beef, tuna, seafood salad, Italian, ham and cheese, and the lobster should all be safe.

Wraps: the caesar wrap, turkey club, and the greek supreme should all be safe.

Salads: the tossed salad with honey mustard dressing should be safe, and the caesar and the greek salads should also be safe.

Dairy Queen: This place appears safe, but be careful just in case.

Dave and Buster's: (4.10) Samantha writes: "...the one near Cleveland, OH, cooks with canola oil, BUT uses soybean oil in the fryer. It's an excellent excuse to eat fried food." We couldn't agree more.

Denny's: (4.10) Our advice is that if you already know of a safe Denny's you enjoy, keep going there, and if not, be very careful at this place.

Dick's Last Resort: They don't use canola oil in any of their cooking - not even their deep frying.

Domino's Pizza: (9.09):

Just two foods to AVOID:

Salads: Skip the croutons.

Desserts: Avoid the chocolate lava cake.

Dunkin Donuts: (10.09)

Foods that should be safe include:

Bagels: Blueberry and cinnamon raisin should be safe.

Cream cheese: All should be safe.

Cookies: All should be safe.

Danishes: None are safe.

Muffins: The lowfat caramel apple muffin should be safe.

Donuts, fancies, munchkins, sticks: Should all be safe.

Bakery: The brownie, spiced apple twist, biscuit, and English muffin should all be safe.

Oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches: Anything on a biscuit, English muffin, or wrap should be safe.

Oven-toasted flatbread sandwiches: The egg white turkey sausage, chicken parmesan, ham and swiss, turkey cheddar and bacon, and grilled cheese flatbread sandwiches should all be safe.

Other sandwiches: The Cuban sandwich should be safe.

Salads: All should be safe.

Soups: The broccoli cheddar soup should be safe.


El Torito: We consider it to be a safe restaurant.


Famous Dave's: (9.09):

Appetizers: NOT safe.

BBQ Classics: The chicken tenders and the baked potato are NOT safe.

Fish: NOT safe.

Sandwiches: The cajun chicken sandwich is NOT safe.

Salads: The caesar salad should be safe.

Sides: The corn muffins, chili, baked potatoes and fries are NOT safe.

Children's Menu: The chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, and Oreos are NOT safe.

*You also might want to sit far from the fryer*

Fire and Ice: NOT safe. Lisa writes: "Everything is made with lots of Canola oil."


Green Burrito: (2.11):

Burritos: The bean and cheese, beef bean and cheese, and chicken bean and cheese burritos should be safe.

Tacos: The chicken bacon ranch soft taco, fish taco, southwest chicken soft taco, and chicken and beef hard and soft tacos should be safe.

Specialties: The crisp burritos, beef or chicken taco salads, and cheese or chicken quesadillas should be safe.

Sides: The beans and cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and chips should be safe. AVOID CHEESE SAUCE, GREEN SAUCE, RICE AND STEAK


Hilton Hotels: Julie writes that they "have been using Canola for some time, but for special events they have been very helpful, with advanced notice."

Hooters: (4.10) Rachel writes: "Soybean Oil only, I ate there last week and felt fine!"

Hot Dog on a Stick: (2.11):

On a stick: The veggie dog on a stick is NOT safe.

Fries: are NOT safe.

Lemonade: The limeade is NOT safe.

Houlihans: (4.10) Rachel writes: "I called up and spoke directly to the chef, he said they strictly use soybean oil for everything, both cooking and frying. I have eaten here many times and with many dishes and have never been sick."


IHOP: NOT safe.

Il Fornaio: Extremely helpful. They use canola in some things, but can easily switch to olive oil in most everything they make.

In-n-Out: (3.09) Julie heard quickly from In-N-Out, and they use only cottonseed oil. She said they were very prompt and helpful, and it sounds like this is a safe place.

Islands: We advise that you avoid this place.


Jack in the Box: (4.11):

Burgers and steak: The mini sirloin burgers, sirloin cheeseburgers, sirloin swiss and grilled onion burgers, and steak teriyaki bowl should be safe.

Chicken and fish: The chicken fajita pita, chicken teriyaki bowl, and grilled chicken strips should be safe.

Something different : The turkey bacon and cheddar grilled sandwich, deli trio grilled sandwich, chicken and steak teriyaki bowls, and the chicken fajita pita should be safe.

Salads: The grilled chicken salad and the side salad should be safe.

Sides: The grilled chicken pita snack, steak pita snack, and tacos should be safe.

Breakfast: The breakfast pita pocket, grilled breakfast sandwich, biscuits, croissants, and meaty breakfast burrito should all be safe.

Drinks: All should be safe except Fanta Orange, Hi C Punch, and Minute Maid Lemonade.

Desserts: All should be safe except the churros and funnel cake.


KFC: (1.11) - The safe foods should be:

Chicken: Grilled chicken should be safe.

Sides: Baked beans, biscuits, cole slaw, corn, green beans, mac and cheese, rice, and the side salad without croutons should be safe.

Desserts: The chocolate chip cake and littlebucket parfaits should be safe.

Foods from KFC not listed above are probably not safe, and always beware the dangers of cross-contamination here or in any restaurant.

Krispy Kreme: The oil that the donuts are cooked in is NOT canola oil! So, as far as we know, they are good to eat. However, we don't know if they use it in any sort of icings or fillings, but so far, we haven't had any problems with Krispy Kreme.


L&L Hawaiian Barbecue: They use only corn oil at this place, so as far as we know, everything is safe. However, because everything was going so well, we didn't sample the macaroni salad, just in case it was in the mayo. Ask about mayo and sauces if you go, but everything else should be safe.

Legal Sea Foods:

At the bottom of the menus at this restaurant, they say that they have an ingredient list that you can request for allergies. Our server assured us, however, that there would be no problems, and that he would personally take care of it. Foolishly, we decided to believe him. That had to be the worst reaction since Applebee's surprised us with their switch to canola. So, if you go there, do not, under any circumstances, listen to your server. Demand to see the ingredient list.

Long John Silver's: (4.09)

Everything here should be safe except the crispy fries and the broccoli cheese soup.


Macaroni Grill /Maggiano's (4.10)

Thank you to Michelle for sending this our way:

"In 2004, all Brinker International restaurants began using 100% soybean oil (trans fat free) in kitchen fryers. The oil is a proprietary formula developed specifically for our restaurants. Since implementing this change, we have continued to test and procure menu items containing no artificial trans fats.

Brinker International restaurants are committed to providing a range of choices on all of our menus that fit within healthy lifestyles, so we are investigating product innovations, which will allow the reduction or elimination of artificial trans fats from all menu items. Our Chefs are able to modify and customize menu items to meet our guests' dietary requirements and personal preferences.

We again thank you for your interest in our restaurants.
Joy Shepard
Guest Relations"

However, Samantha also points out: "Maggiano's table oil, which looks like olive oil, is actually a 10% canola blend - beware!"

So, just be sure to double-check with the wait staff, and it's been our experience that they're knowledgable about what does and doesn't contain canola, and can easily modify most things if you ask them to.

McDonald's: (1.11):

Burgers and sandwiches: All burgers and sandwiches without chicken or fish should be safe.

Salads: Any salad with grilled chicken, not crispy, should be safe.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, biscuits, McGriddles, the sausage burrito, cinnamon melts, hotcakes, sausage, and bagels should all be safe.

Sides: Salads, and any snack wrap with beef should be safe.

Desserts: Any dessert without Oreos should be safe.

Muchas Gracias: This place is not safe.


Ninety Nine: Unsafe.

Noah's Bagels: Safe foods in each category are:

Bagels: All bagels except dutch apple are safe.

Breakfast paninis: The vegetable panini is safe.

Shmears: All are safe except the walnut.

Sweets: The coffee cakes, muffins, marshmallow crispies, fruit salads, and yogurt parfaits are safe.

Egg wraps: These are not safe.

Cold sandwiches: The California chicken sandwich, Veg out, and lox and cream cheese sandwiches are safe.

Salads: The southwestern chicken salad is safe.

Wraps: all of the non-breakfast wraps except the tuna are safe.

Hot sandwiches: The Italian chicken and turkey club paninis are safe.

Pizza bagels and Bagel dogs: Safe.

Soups: All except the turkey chili are safe.

Nob Hill Foods: The employees at the deli have access to a binder that lists ingredients for deli items. Ask about it.


Olive Garden: There are exactly three things here that can be eaten. Conveniently, they are the breadsticks, one of the types of soup, and the salad, which fits in nicely with one of their promotions. So, if you go here, the chicken gnocchi soup, the salad with Italian dressing, and the breadsticks are all safe.

On The Border: Big thanks to Michelle for sending us this:

"In 2004, all Brinker International restaurants began using 100% soybean oil (trans fat free) in kitchen fryers. The oil is a proprietary formula developed specifically for our restaurants. Since implementing this change, we have continued to test and procure menu items containing no artificial trans fats.

Brinker International restaurants are committed to providing a range of choices on all of our menus that fit within healthy lifestyles, so we are investigating product innovations, which will allow the reduction or elimination of artificial trans fats from all menu items. Our Chefs are able to modify and customize menu items to meet our guests' dietary requirements and personal preferences.

We again thank you for your interest in our restaurants.
Joy Shepard
Guest Relations"

We're guessing that like the other restaurants owned by this company, you still should probably double-check other ingredients, but they should have no problems accomodating any changes that need to be made.

Outback Steakhouse: (4.10) Big thank you to Rachel for sending us this: "Only use soybean. The gentleman I spoke to was very thorough when I asked what they use to cook with. He went through listings for many different recipes and assured me nothing they use has canola in it. I even had a blooming onion (which would be sure to make me sick if he was mistaken) with no ill side affects besides the lack of room for the rest of my meal!"


Panda Express: Panda Express claims to use only soybean oil in their recipes, and as far as we've experienced, that is true.

Panera Bread: Alright, here's what cannot be eaten at Panera, by category- Breads/pastries: the bear claws, pastry rings, pecan rolls, cinnmon rolls, the focaccia bread, ciabatta bread, and blueberry bagels are off limits. Sandwiches: all breakfast sandwiches, all paninis except the chicken bacon dijon, the sierra turkey sandwich, Italian combo sandwich, mediterranean veggie sandwich, chicken tomesto sandwich, smoked turkey breast sandwich, smoked ham and swiss sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and tuna salad sandwich all contain canola. Soups: The broccoli cheddar soup and cream of chicken and wild rice soup have canola. All pizzas contain canola, and for the salads: stay away from the grilled salmon salad, and the fuji apple chicken salad. So, there you have it. If it's not on this list, then as far as we know, it's okay.

Papa John's: the only things here that might possibly be safe are the breadsticks or cheesesticks, but do not dip them in any sauces.

Papa Murphy's: (9.09) Foods that should be safe here include:

Pizza: The Cheese, Pepperoni, Meat, and Hawaiian DeLite Pizzas should be safe.

Other: The lasgna should be safe.

Peabody Hotel Group: Uses primarily canola oil.

PF Chang's: They do have the ability to work with you, but whether or not they do will simply depend upon how good your waiter is. Bryan has never had a reaction here, because the servers will will talk to the chefs, and the chefs will be very thorough, as it seems that the allergen training here is better than most places.

Pizza Hut: (1.11):

Pizza: Any pan crust or thin n' crispy crust pizzas should be safe.

Pasta: The creamy chicken alfredo should be safe.

Popeye's: You'll only need to stay away from anything on a bun, along with their fries, the cinnamon apple turnover, and anything with etoufee sauce. Everything else is okay - even fried chicken.


Qdoba: Safe foods by category should be:

Tacos: Grilled veggie tacos

Nachos: Grilled veggie nachos

Soup: Tortilla soup

Quesadillas: Cheese quesadilla

Breakfast items: Breakfast burrito without sausage, and breakfast quesadilla without sausage

Salsas and sauces: All salsas and sauces

Dressings: No salad dressings

Quizno's: Now, here's what Julie says: "I have eaten at Quiznos safely. However, they do use Canola on their pita bread with their salads. Also need to worry about cross contamination. Our local store cleans the surface and uses clean gloves and knives when I arrive." Now, what we say is that while our experiences haven't been quite as good as Julie's, they also haven't been so bad that we've stopped eating there. We are positive that there is something else in that store that contains canola oil, but we can't figure out what it could be. Whatever it is, it isn't something Bryan orders often, and since we don't go there that often anyway, we can never remember what he gets from one time to the next. Since it's been a few months, maybe we'll try going there again soon, and seeing if we can pin the culprit down. In the meantime, if you've been going there with no problems, keep doing what you're doing. If you'd like to start going there / go there again, I'd suggest asking about every single ingredient on the item you want to order, and if it works out, then you have yet another place you can eat!


Red Lobster: Another restaurant that's been very vocal about their switch to canola. We reccommend that you avoid this place.

Red Robin: (6.09) The jury goes back and forth on this place. Some people have written saying that this place should be avoided at all costs, while others consider this to be one of their safest restaurants. Our guess is that if you don't want to take the chance, then don't, and if you know it's safe, or are feeling adventrous, give it a shot.

Rock Bottom: They are willing to accommodate, but there is only so much they can do. You'll likely end up with a modified steak with a side of vegetables. It'll likely be a little more bland (as I recall, their marinades contained canola, though I can't swear that was the issue), but it won't be bad. Just a little boring, perhaps.

Round Table Pizza: Only once in the dozens of times eating here has there been a reaction, and it was when we had a Maui Zaui pizza. Every other time, the maui zaui had come with regular pizza sauce, but this time, it was their Polynesian sauce. And this time, there was a reaction. So, just make sure they don't put Polynesian sauce on your Maui Zaui, and you should be fine.

Ruby Tuesday: A huge thank you to Michelle, who pointed out that Ruby Tuesday's website lists a trans fat free soybean oil as their oil! It seems that this place, which was so vocal about being 100% canola, has quietly made the switch back. Feel free to start going here again.


Safeway: Many items in their deli list ingredients on the back of their signs. Check it out.

Shari's: Good news! Late night fries and cheese sticks are now okay. They switched from canola to soybean. Deep fried foods here are fine. Just be sure to ask about ingredients like mayo.

Sheraton Hotels: Julie writes that they "have been using canola for some time, but for special events they have been very helpful, with advanced notice."

Smith's: (4.10) We have recieved e-mails stating that their deli is not a safe place to eat.

Starbucks: (3.11):

Bakery: Apple bran muffins, apple fritters, banana nut loaf, birthday cake mini donuts, blueberry oat bars, blueberry scones, blueberry streusel muffins, butter croissants, cheese danishes, chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate croissants, chocolate donuts, cinnamon chip scones, classic coffee cake, cranberry orange scones, double fudge mini donuts, double iced cinnamon rolls, ginger molasses cookies, lowfat red raspberry muffins, mallorca sweet bread, maple oat pecan scones, marble pound cake, marshmallow dream bars, morning buns, multigrain bagels, oatmeal cookies, old fashioned glazed donuts, petite vanilla bean scones, plain bagels, pumpkin bread, pumpkin scones, raspberry scones, red velvet cupcakes, treat sized double chocolate cookies, and vanilla bean cupcakes should be SAFE.

Petites: Birthday cake pops, carrot cake mini cupcakes, lemon sweet squares, peanut butter mini cupcakes, red velvet whoopie pies, rocky road cake pops, and tiramisu cake pops should be SAFE.

Fruit and Snack plates: Fruit nut and cheese artisan snack plates and Snack-Fulls should be SAFE.

Hot Breakfast: Perfect oatmeal, reduced fat turkey bacon on English muffin, and sausage egg and cheese on English muffin should be SAFE.

Salads: Deluxe fruit blend should be SAFE.

Stir Crazy: (10.09) Samantha reports: "Stir Crazy has been great and will cook without any oil."

Subway : As far as sandwiches go, all you have to remember is: don't order the sweet onion teriyaki chicken, or anything with steak, and remember to skip the oil, and just get vinegar. The sweet onion sauce is fine– it's just the teriyaki glaze on the chicken that's the problem. As far as salads go, just skip the croutons. All cookies are now safe. Subway does not post ingredient information about soup, though, so you'll want to avoid those for now.

Julie does point out, though, that cross-contamination could be a big issue there. For example, if any of the oil that they use were to spill or drip onto a counter or someone's gloves, you could have a reaction, as well as if a sandwich was cut that contained oil with the same knife that is used to cut your sandwich. It's a good idea to at least ask the worker to change gloves, and getting them to wipe down surfaces and use clean knives would likely be even better.


Taco Bell: (2.11):

Tacos and soft tacos: all should be safe EXCEPT the crispy potato taco and the volcano taco.

Burritos: The 1/2 lb combo burrito, bean burrito, and burrito supreme should be safe.

Gorditas: The baja and supreme gorditas should be safe.

Chalupas: NOT safe.

Nachos: NOT safe.

Specialties: The cheese roll up, enchirito, mexi melt, quesadillas, and the taquitos should be safe.

Sides: Pintos and cheese should be safe.

Important note: They fry things in canola, so do not eat inside the restaurant.

Ted's Montana Grill: Fryers use canola oil.

Texas Roadhouse: All seem to be independently operated, but all also seem to be unsafe so far.

TGI Friday's: (4.10) Rachel writes: "I never asked them specifically what type of oil they use, but I've eaten there with friends almost every Tuesday for years and I've eaten almost every dish on the menu without being sick. The only thing to keep in mind is that Friday's restaurants are half corporate, half franchise, so different locations can use different oils. The one I eat at is a corporate restaurant. A good way to tell is if they have the shrimp cocktail listed in their appetizers, it's most likely a corporate."

Tim Horton's: Unsafe.

Togo's: Avoid the French dip, the meatball sub, the Sicilian chicken sandwich, the Asian chicken salad, the taco salad, anything with turkey, the California spread, mayo, anything made with mayo, such as tuna salad or egg salad, and Thousand Island dressing, or anything made with it, such as a salad or a reuben.


Unique Pizza: They are more than willing to help, but the staff hasn't been able to figure out what oil they use. A turkey sub without the Italian dressing works just fine.




Wendy's: (2.11):

Hamburgers: NOT safe.

Chicken and fish: The wraps should be safe.

Salads: The apple pecan chicken salad, baja salad, and blt cobb salad should be safe.

Sides: The orange cup, all the baked potatoes, and the chili should be safe.

Drinks / Frosties: Any type of Coke, Sprite, Mellow Yellow, Barq's, Mr. Pibb, Dr. Pepper, tea, coffee, water, and any Frosties that do not contain Oreos should be safe.

Whole Foods: The good news is that their deli lists their ingredients. The bad news is that canola oil is in almost everything.